sincerely ushers you into the very heart of Romania,
the direct descent of the Roman Empire



My marriage in 2003 to Cristina, my Romanian wife, with the mediation of the then Ambassador Ion Pascu have let me voluntarily serve for Romanian-Japanese exchanges, which has led to my appointment in April 1, 2009 as the Official Advisor to Romanian Development by the former Ambassador Aurelian Neagu, my friend.

Having recognized my voluntary devotion as well as my many good contacts in the political and economic circle of Japan, the current Ambassador Radu Serban, agreed in 2013 with my idea to found and lead the Romania’s long-envisioned chamber of commerce to be established in Japan.

After the official issuance by Minister Valentine Pavel on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of Romania, my friends and I, including Member of the House of Representative Ichirou Kanke, formed the incorporator’s committee working for the foundation under the guidance of the House of Representative Member Ichiro Aisawa. the Vice President of Japan-Romania Friendship League.
And May 14, 2014 witnessed the official permission and authorization by METI Minister Toshimitsu Mogi of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (RoCCIJa).

RoCCIja is the 35th foreign chamber of commerce and industry established in Japan and the sole and only chamber of commerce and industry which officially represents Romania in Japan.
Romania is one of the friendliest nation to Japan, being rich in natural resources (oil, natural gas, gold, water, etc.), technologies (ICT, automobile, machinery, et.), produce and food (yielding 4 times the population), and talents.
Let us co-prosper through commercial, industrial and cultural exchanges between Romania and Japan!
We RoCCIJa are looking forward to your freely coming to join us.

Fumiya Sakow, President RoCCIJa
在日本ルーマニア商工会議所 会頭 酒生文弥

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Logo & Motto

Royal blue sky, Golden harvest,
Red patriotism

The Romanian and Japanese peoples have long cherished and conserved the same spirits from Rome and Yamato, following the same light of the future.

We RoCCIJa shall ideally and practically bridge the Occident and Orient, respecting our Only One Universe and Earth, preserving our beautiful sky, mountains, seas and islands.

Briefing Romania: the Great Potentials to Japan

Romania, the nation of Rome, is the largest country in the Central Europe, home to some 2.2 million people leading sophisticated lives in cultures of Latin traditions.
The beautiful country, with the rapidly developing port of Contanta on Black Sea, is occupying a geopolitical importance in Eurasia, bridging between the two of its Occidental and Oriental nations.

Romania has harbored great potentials ranging from her historic, cultural and traditional assets derived from the Roman Empire to her rich economic resources such as machinery manufactures rivaled with Czechoslovakia in ex COMECON, mining with abundant natural resources like oil and natural gas, tourist attractions like Brashov, Sigishoara, Transylvania, etc.
Still terra incognita to Japan, Romania indeed may be one of the best partners to the Japanese.

Wine having been invented in today’s Romania, she is a Japan loving nation who preserve the heritage of the Roman Empire, full of historic romanticism like Dracula story.
Romanian food, which unfortunately is still not so popular in Japan, is indeed a healthy and tasty cuisine.
From classical to bohemian genres, Romanian music is world enchanting as well as her numerous works of arts like architectures, paints, sculptors, literature, etc.

Japanese direct investments into Romania have advanced tens of leading companies of electronics, car parts etc. industries over there. However, on the other hand, only a few Romanian advancement into the Japanese market has been made so far.

Yet, the above-mentioned affluent potentials of Romania have evidenced her as one of the most promising partners to the co-prosperity with Japan.

Last, but not least economic advantage of Romania is her stabilized politics and economy.

National efforts in strictly abiding by legal and financial rules of EU since her EU participation in 2007 have lifted Romanian public finance status much above those of Greece or Spain.
Food, silk, medical, cosmetic, ICT software, car industry are just a few examples of the industry in which Romania and Japan would enjoy co-prosperity.

Join us the RoCCIJa, the rainbow bridge crossing the east and west ends of Eurasian sphere!

And let us enjoy our friendship and its material and spiritual fruits and contribute to the peace, happiness, and co-prosperity of mankind.

We are awaiting your participation and supports with our arms open. Multumesc!

August 12, 2014
Board of Executive Committees, RoCCIJa