Honorary President:

Sadakazu Tanigaki

Minister of Justice, President, Japan-Romania MP Friendship League


Katsuhiko Eguchi

Member of the House of Councilors, former CEO PHP Publishing Co.,Ltd.

Ichirou Aisawa

Member of the House of Representatives,Vice President, Japan-Romania MP Friendship League.

Ichirou Kanke

Member of the House of Representatives, former Mayor of Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima.


Fumiya Sakow

Chairperson, NPO World Integrative-Health Society (WIS)
Official Advisor to Romanian Development
Profile: Born as a Buddhist priest in 1956, graduated from Dept. Poli. Sci. & Econ., WasedaUniv.(BA), the Matsushita Institute of Government & Management (MPA), Ryukoku Graduate School (MA, Ph.D.) via UCSB and Rutgers graduate schools.
Chair, NPO World Integrative-Health Society, Head minister, Shinshoji Temple.

Vice Presidents:

George Rusanescu

Profile: Born in Constanta into a family running a trading company, studied at UCECOM Electronics School In Bucarest. Having come over to Tokyo 30 years ago, started andrunning a small company for electronics.
Now a naturalized Japanese national. Father of a son who is working for a Japanese financing company.

Stefan C. Stan, MBA

Profile: Born in Bucharest – the Capital of Romania, into a family with a high level of moral character, then relocated in the Constanta port City, he studied International Affairs at “Ovidius” University of Economic Studies and won an MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business.
Internationally, acting as executive director of a management company located in the Middle East, he supervise a team that provides business performance improvement solutions, optimizing the performance of its clients companies. In Romania, he is conducting private business and state development-oriented projects, including projects for the Constanta port activities development.
Owning excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills and being able to perform administrative and creative activities, he uses his global business network sincerely devoting himself in developing Romania.

Secretary General

Takehiko Sueoka

Graduated from Waseda University.
Developed Data Warehouse for trading, electric power and central bank in Mitsui Knowledge Industry.
Executed IT consulting in the fields of GIS, SCM and Project Management in Oracle Japan and CIS(current Sony Global Solutions).
Leaded strategic management, ICT governance, strategic marketing and MOT consultation mainly for manufacturers in Yahagi Consultants Ltd.
Mr. Sueoka is a main promoter in founding Innovation Strategy Practicing Organization LLC. He is also Secretary General of RoCCIJa.

Supporting organizations:

  • The Government of Romania (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Commerce)
  • The Romanian Embassy in JapanThe Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Romania (CCIRJ)
  • The Japanese Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, etc.)
  • Japan-Romania Member of Parliament Friendship League
  • Swiss Chamber of Commerce & Industy in Japan (SCCIJ)
  • Tokyo Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TCCI) (to be)
  • Keidanren (The Federation of Economic Bodies) (to be)

Executive Directors:

Fumiya Sakow (President)

George Rusanescu (Vice-President)

Stefan Stan (Vice-President)

Takehiko Sueoka

Takeshi Iwasaka

Choyo Tanaka

Naokatsu Funabashi

Alexandru Serban

Fujio Matsumoto

Gabriel Dutu

Adriana Elena Stoica

Profile: Born in Braila, to a family of professors. After graduating the National College Gheorghe Munteanu- Murgoci, (Brăila) and International Business and Economics -Academy of Economic Studies (Bucharest), was awarded a Monbukagakusho scholarship to study at Waseda Univesity,Tokyo.
Graduate of: Research program – School of Economics and Political Science, MBA (Master in Business Administration) and Research program for Doctoral Studies in Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda University.
Currently working as Romanian –Japanese cultural exchange facilitator, language and culture promotor through Romanian language courses opened and conducted at Waseda University and Asahi Culture Center, author and coordinator for Romanian language textbooks, organizer of cultural events promoting Romanian language and culture in Japan.


Hiromasa Yasui

Michiko Iwabuchi

Cristina Sakow

Tomoko Okada

Roxana Yumii


Akihiko Okamoto

Takuya Tamaru

Committees by Industrial Division

We are sub-dividing our services and activities into several managing committees to be:
e.g. food/farming, tourist, medical, cosmetic/esthetic, ICT, construction, etc. committees.

We are planning to set up a policy proposal committee to be organized by members and experts.